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You are invited to participate in a ritual of transformation

Over the course of 36 days, I will be developing a minute of movement each day to be woven together as a spell of release and renewal performed this Summer during the

Providence Fringe Festival, July 14th - 27th

This practice has deep personal meaning for me and I am opening up the inquiry for you as well

I invite you to take a moment to consider and answer the questions below


Your response can be submitted as secret or anonymous 


If secret, I will use your answers to inform the piece, but never communicate what you have shared


If anonymous, I may use your words in the performance, spoken or written, but will not attach the words to you in an identifying way

I am requesting your email address separately from your responses to keep you informed of exact performance dates, location, and ticket information so you can witness the ritual in person and stay energetically connected to the experience

My hope is to extend this opportunity to as many people as possible - please invite others to join 

Thank you,

Holland Graham

When you're ready, close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Exhale, open your eyes, and take your time responding to each question.

I would like my response to be:

Thank you for participating. Your response has been submitted

By collecting your email separately, I will not be able to connect your responses to your contact information, adding an additional layer of privacy. I will only use this information to keep you informed of performance dates, location, and ticket information. It will never be shared or sold.

Your email has been submitted

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