Three ipad pro screens for Accompany: Screen 1 is a list of collaborators, Screen 2 is sheet music for the Beatles song "Because" maked with breath marks and the words "Don't forget to breath," Screen 3 shows the main menu slid out from the left over the user dashboard.


Never lose your music again.

Vocalists have been trying to keep track of bulky paper sheet music and unorganized audio files for too long.

Accompany harnesses the power of cloud storage to bring those assets into one place accessible by computer or mobile device.

Users can share everything and collaborate in real time with other users of the app, making it a fantastic solution for voice teachers to work with their students or for artists to write songs together.

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User Research

As a faculty member in the Voice Department at Berklee College of Music and a lifelong singer, I hypothesized that vocalists were tired of lugging around heavy sheet music, losing pages, searching through audio tracks or CDs (or tapes! Yes I’ve seen people still using tapes) and that they might be interested in a product to manage that.

I surveyed vocalists, voice teachers, and students to assess if a cloud storage app would be useful for them and if so, what features they would like to see in the product. All respondents agreed an app like this would be useful with half giving it a “most useful” score. The results of the survey clarified in which ways and the details of who would be using the app.

The first important discovery was that I was right!

All respondents thought this would be a useful product

Key Discoveries

Group 4.png

More than half used cloud storage, but were unsatisfied with their options

Most wanted to be able to upload, scan, create, and organize new files with the ability quickly share those items with other users

Group 2.png
Horizontal bar chart.png

Most wanted access from computer, smartphone, and tablet

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