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I use they/them pronouns

I am a UX Designer because of my enduring need to make people’s lives easier and more joyful coupled with insatiable curiosity about why people do the things they do.

My first designs began out of necessity. My show needed a poster. I needed a theatre portfolio. My tap dance fitness company needed a website & logo. My friend needed a website to upload and sell his album; another needed a site to shop her memoir. When those opportunities were satisfied, I quickly volunteered for more. I came to realize that I was more intrigued by design than my position as an assistant professor of theatre and dance, so I decided to make a change.

I started a design apprenticeship and dropped my teaching hours to part-time. During my apprenticeship, I learned that while I’d been dabbling in visual design for five years, I’d actually been creating experiences since I choreographed my first show. I’ve been developing characters, aka personas, since I was 11. Learning as much as I can about human behavior has been a significant part of performing and teaching. Empathy is part of my core structure. It is my true pleasure to take the skills I’ve been developing my whole life as a theatre artist and apply them to a new field.



I’m always dreaming or scheming up something.

I’m often the go-to person for my friends and colleagues to bounce and escalate creative endeavors - which is how I ended up co-creating CardioTapNYC™.

Lately though, I’ve been trying to not need to monetize every single one of my interests. (I’m a millennial. This is really difficult #GigLife4Eva)

Things I’m into just for the fun of it are:

Yoga, Aerial Arts, Pasta Making, Craft Cocktails, Body Art, Photography, and Community Building.

I’ll read your future using Dixit cards instead of Tarot and teach you how to cartwheel. I have taught hundreds of people how to cartwheel. Helping people learn how to do something they never thought they could do is the BEST!

Dance Maker

I’ll probably never stop making dances. I’m not sure I would know how.

I started dancing when I was four and serious training at seven. That led to a brief stint in a ballet company and ultimately college to become a performer & choreographer.

I’ve worked on over 50 professional productions, won awards for best production and best choreography, and created a tap dance fitness method that ran classes in NYC for five years.

After achieving a Master of Arts in Theatre Education, I snapped up a faculty appointment at Berklee College of Music where I worked my bum off directing, choreographing, and designing new courses.

But, it’s all been about my great love, dance. Pure and simple. It’s like another language I speak and I’ll never stop.

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