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Accompany demo pic.png

UX Research & Product Design


Vocalists have been trying to keep track of bulky paper sheet music and unorganized audio files for too long.

Accompany harnesses the power of cloud storage to bring those assets into one place accessible by computer or mobile device.

Users can share everything and collaborate in real time with other users of the app, making it a fantastic solution for voice teachers to work with their students or for artists to write songs together.

Dreamingful demo pic.png

UX Research & Product Design


Consistent and accurate dream recording can be a challenge.

Dreamingful makes it easy to journal everyday by waking users with a soft alarm that opens straight into the app.

One touch triggers voice-to-text journaling to keep the dreamer in a half wakeful state; able to stay with the details and mood of their dream for as long as possible.

Dreams can be organized by tag to explore themes, lucid dreaming, or pull for therapy.

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